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The purpose of this legal blog is to share all of our latest firm news and Texas disability information with our readers and clients. Feel free to browse the subjects that mean the most to you, post responses, or contact our Dallas disability lawyers with questions about your own case.

Why You Need to See a Doctor for a Disability
How involved is your doctor in your medical care? Find out why it is important that a qualified doctor is involved in your diagnosis and treatment.
Who Treats You At Your Doctor’s Office?

Date: March 3, 2017

Why You Should Complain About Your Pain
Find out why you should give your doctor a detailed report about your pain at every visit and why it might help with your Social Security disability claim.
What Do You Mean I Don’t Complain About My Pain Enough?

Date: March 2, 2017

Is Your Social Security Disability Claim Credible?
You know you’re telling the truth, but will your Social Security disability claim be believed? Learn how to prove your claim and get the benefits you deserve.
Your Credibility Is The Key To Social Security Disability Benefits

Date: February 24, 2017

Specialists Important in Social Security Disability Claims
Can seeing a medical specialist really make a difference in winning your Social Security disability claim? Find out here.
A Specialist Can Be The Difference Between Winning And Losing A Social Security Disability Claim

Date: February 22, 2017

It's Hard to Get Social Security Disability in Texas
Are disabled Texans being denied Social Security disability benefits? Find out if this is happening and how to protect your rights.
Many Texas Social Security Disability Applications Are Denied

Date: February 22, 2017

Social Security Disability Is a Political Issue
Find out why Social Security disability is often a political issue and how to make your voice heard with your representatives and senators.
The Politics Of Social Security Disability

Date: February 3, 2017

Does the Social Security Administration Read My Forms?
Your answers on your Social Security disability forms matter. Find out why and how you can improve your chances of getting your claim approved.
How To Complete Social Security Disability Forms

Date: February 3, 2017

SSA Commissioner Carolyn Colvin Resigns
After 25 Years in the Position, Carolyn Colvin resigns as SSA Commissioner. Regardless of who is hold the position next Morgan & Weisbrod can help you obtain SSD.
Carolyn Colvin Resigns As SSA Commissioner After 25 Years

Date: January 16, 2017

How Smoking Impacts Social Security Disability Claims
Smoking cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars or any form of tobacco can have a significant impact on your Social Security disability claim. Learn why here.
Why Would Smoking Cigarettes Or Cigars Affect My Disability Claim?

Date: January 12, 2017

SSA Changes Mental Retardation to Intellectual Disability
Learn why the Social Security Administration now uses the term intellectual disability instead of mental retardation and why this change is important.
Why Social Security Phased Out “Mental Retardation” And Phased In “Intellectual Disability”

Date: January 6, 2017

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