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“Mr. Weisbrod accepted me as a client for SS disability after I was declined filing on my own. After several court attempts I finally was approved for disability only because I had reached aged 50. I have severe fybromyalgia, and Mr. Weisbrod is VERY knowledgeable so he insisted on filing an appeal since I was diagnosed in 2005. I really didn’t want the stress of an appeal and more court hearings as stress makes my symptoms worse. But Mr. Weisbrod was persistant that he could get me the back pay that I deserved. He knows his business and he is an awesome lawyer! He is well versed and ready for court on your hearing date and is not afraid to stand up to any of the SS experts that attend the hearing on behalf of the SS Board nor the Judge for that fact. You might select a lawyer that will make you a lot of promises, but speaking from experience, he delivers, he does exactly what he tells you he will do, and in my opinion HE IS THE BEST THERE IS BY FAR!  I received my back pay check all the way back to 2005. Also, his staff is extremely knowledgeable and they returned all my calls in a timely manor. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR. WEISBROD YOU ARE THE BEST!”

Sue, Dallas, Texas

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