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Approaching unfamiliar waters, like choosing who to represent your social security disability case, can be obscured, debilitating, stressful as well as complicating and intimidating at times. My personal tops were from two firms, including that of Morgan & Weisbrod, based solely on online reviews, simply because some people want to know the unobscured vision of a firm and their practices dealing with the government.

Maria Laura Sigaud, and her team at Morgan & Weisbrod, were prevalent, understanding and comforting about my case. Not only were they passionate about finding out information about criteria’s relating to my case, if there were questions or concerns relating to such, they simply inquired because not one case is the same as the other, and they knew this undoubtedly. They made a point to discuss variable instances that would improve my case and overall results of obtaining a Fully Favorable Decision.

While Laura was delegated to represent me in my case, I should note that her entire team was equally admired upon for their participation and rolls preformed in getting as much information as they could, behind the scenes, to benefit the overall factor. She is inspiring, uplifting and great when it comes to understanding potential evidence and was very passionate about helping me, all while juggling other cases.

My overall experience with Morgan & Weisbrod was similar to wanting something, and actually getting it! The truth is that when applying for social security disability, I’ve learned that with having a great lawyer such as Laura, things need time to progress and is certainly not an instant thing. So if you’re looking for speedy results, you’re simply not going to find it because in lieu of the Social Security Administration being understaffed and underfunded due to the backlog of such cases (Which is currently just under one million cases), there are providers that don’t provide a immediate response for needed materials such as documents, records and other evidence to support your case and this doesn’t include other venues they may seek to find additional information that pertain to your case. Laura Sigaud never settled for 95%, instead, she content when she’s between 99.99% and 100% in all tasks pertaining to my case with her. That’s impressive and attractive in every sense.

Many thanks for your hard work and passion Laura,

Dave T. 2/24/2020

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