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Reading this reminds us why we do what we do. Thank you Teri for your kind words.

-Teri R.

I experienced a very long, drawn-out, hard fight for my Social Security disability (SSDI). I had used a different law firm for my initial attempt to get my SSDI, & after 4 years and the Social Security Administration denying every appeal available to me, I lost my case. However, God led me to switch law firms to Morgan & Weisbrod in 2017, where I met my wonderful attorney, Ms. Laura Sigaud. Ms. Sigaud filed a second case for me, as she knew how many health disorders I was struggling with & how much proof of disability I had. Even my second case was denied the first two times, but Ms. Sigaud was definitely prepared for my case when it was heard by the Administrative Law Judge. She made sure I was prepared for my court hearing by meeting with me beforehand & going over all my medical issues. Ms. Sigaud also made sure the judge heard all the medical facts in my case, & her office was great about making sure the judge had ALL my medical records. The judge even commented that he was overwhelmed at the sheer volume of medical records he received! It was a tough fight, but I was finally awarded my SSDI in February 2019. I feel like meeting Ms. Sigaud was a gift from God, because I’d spent 4 years with another attorney and got nowhere with my case. A fight with SSDI should never take 6 years & deny someone with the many medical disorders I have, but Ms. Sigaud’s work finally got me approved. Everyone I worked with at Morgan & Weisbrod was very kind and helpful as well. I would definitely recommend this law firm & Ms. Sigaud 100%!

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