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This Election Day, voters approved nine amendments to the Texas constitution. Two of the new measures offer property tax exemptions to veterans with service-connected disabilities and the spouses of veterans killed in action.

  • Proposition 1 will provide complete property tax exemptions to the spouses of service members who have been killed in action. Spouses qualify as long as they do not remarry, and the amount is permanently established by the property where the exemption was first established.
  • Proposition 4 will give a partial exemption to disabled veterans who’ve been donated property by a charity organization. The amount of the exemption will be determined by the veterans’ disability rating—for example, a veteran with a disability rating of 60% is eligible for a 60% exemption. This improves the previous measure, when only veterans with a 100% disability rating could obtain exemptions.

State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, chairwoman of the Senate Veterans Affairs and Military Installations Committee, served as an author or sponsor for both amendments throughout the 2013 legislative session. “These changes… will make life a little easier for those who have given so much to our nation,” said Van de Putte in a press release.

“These new laws prevent the family from being put into a situation with an undue burden from the tax on the home if a family member dies,” said John Kessler of the Lone Star Veterans Association. “It’s important for us to keep that commitment to the family.”

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