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Though the Obama administration has made significant process in dealing with the tremendous backlog of VA disability claims, veterans who want to appeal a denied claim or unfavorable ratings score are waiting longer than ever. Unfortunately, the ever-intensifying problem isn’t getting nearly as much media attention as the VA backlog dealing with initial disability claims.

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According to 2012 figures from the VA, 256,061 veterans—that’s more than a quarter million—have appeals pending. Many veterans have been waiting four years or more for a new determination.

The VA appeal backlog has seen an approximate 50% increase since President Obama first took office in 2008, and there’s no end in sight. The Veterans Benefits Administration predicts that the number of pending appeals will double over the course of the next four years, as a new generation of veterans enters the system.Currently, if a veteran takes an appeal through the entire administrative process available within the VA, they will wait an average of 1,598 days. Add another 321 days for veterans who opt to take an appeal outside the VA, to the United States Court of Appeals.Most of the VA’s resources are plugged in to shrinking the claims backlog, with the idea that once it is under control the organization can shift its focus to appeals. Right now, the BVA is encouraging veterans to handle appeals by video teleconference, which is said to reduce the waiting period by as much as 100 days.

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