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The law does not require you to have an attorney in order to apply for veterans’ disability benefits. You have the right to handle your initial application and any necessary appeals on your own. However, before you decide whether or not to represent yourself, it important to understand the benefits that a veterans’ disability lawyer can provide you.

How a Lawyer Can Help

An experienced veterans’ disability lawyer can help you because:

  • The law is complex. Veterans’ disability law is complicated and it changes often. It is important to know every aspect of the law as it applies to your application so that you can prevent your application from being denied because of a technicality that you didn’t know about.
  • The process is complicated. Even when the rules remain the same, the process is complicated. You must complete your application precisely and in accordance with all required timelines and specifications. If you do not, your application may be rejected.
  • The stakes are high. If you are found ineligible for veterans’ disability benefits, you will not receive the financial compensation you deserve. If your disability prevents you from working, this can have a significant impact on your family’s finances.
  • You may be under a lot of stress. Having an experienced lawyer represent you can reduce the stress. You can be assured that your rights are being protected while you focus on things other than the paperwork necessary for a successful veterans’ disability claim.

For these reasons, it is important to consider hiring a lawyer for a veterans’ disability claim.

Talk to a Lawyer Before You Make a Decision

We understand that you have a lot at stake and that you likely have questions. You deserve to have all of those questions answered before you decide whether or not you need a lawyer to represent you in a veterans’ disability claim. If we believe you can handle your claim yourself, we will tell you that. Likewise, if we believe we can help you with the claim, we will explain why so you can make an informed decision. Please contact us today—via this website or by phone—to learn more.

Morgan Weisbrod  LLP

by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan Weisbrod , Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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