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Morgan Weisbrod obtained Social Security disability benefits for a claimant after that claimant’s previous attorney withdrew representation.

How could we win a case that another attorney withdrew from?

The First Attorney Didn’t Have an In-Person Interview With the Claimant

It seems that the first attorney representing this claimant never had an in-person interview with his client, and because of that the attorney failed to discover additional medical evidence that was important to the claimant’s Social Security eligibility determination.

A quick review of the claimant’s Social Security exhibit file made it appear that the claimant only had medical treatment with his family practitioner. Even though the claimant reported low back and neck pain, the exhibit file showed no treatment with a specialist. The claimant had obtained a helpful statement from a doctor, but there were no supporting treatment records.

However, after meeting with the claimant to prepare for his hearing, we learned that he was regularly seen by a pain management specialist. On further investigation, it was discovered the pain doctor shared office space with another doctor and the record requests had been sent incorrectly. This information was discovered only because we had the claimant come to our office and sit with an attorney to go over his treatment before his hearing date.

It Made a Difference at His Hearing

Once these records were received and submitted to the judge, the hearing went very well. The previous doctor statement was fully supported and allowed the judge to pay the claim, including reopening a prior application to grant additional benefits.

If you want assurance that your Social Security disability claim receives personal, in-depth attention, call on the Board Certified Social Security disability attorneys at Morgan Weisbrod for representation. We will meet with you personally and fight hard to get you the fair benefits that you deserve.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan Weisbrod , Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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