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In recent years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been struggling with a huge backlog of veterans’ disability claims as well as budget issues that could get worse before they get better. While some of these issues are the result of more disabled veterans applying for benefits, it is also the result of veterans submitting more complex applications.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Have More Complex Claims
The average disabled veteran returning from combat in Iraq or Afghanistan lists 8.5 different disabilities on his or her claim, as opposed to veterans from earlier wars who list half as many. This means that each individual application takes longer to process, and that the average vet has a higher disability rating than ever before.

At the same time, the VA is receiving a record number of veterans’ disability claims, both from those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and from aging veterans from past conflicts.

Seeking Solutions
In order to deal with the rising number of disability claims and the growing complexity of many of those claims, the VA has asked for a 20 percent budget increase from the federal government. In addition, they are expected to covert to electronic claims in coming months and reviewing up to 100,000 more claims than received in 2013.
Texas Veterans’ Disability Attorneys
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