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For many people, the disability hearing is by far the most stressful and most emotional part of the Social Security Disability benefits process. During this hearing, you will need to explain your case to an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and answer any questions asked about your condition and why you are not able to work. To ensure that your case is treated fairly and has a just outcome, it is vital that you are sufficiently prepared for the hearing and to answer questions honestly and accurately.

Here are just a few questions that you may be asked at an ALJ hearing:

•    Why aren’t you able to work?
•    What is your past work history?
•    What are your physical limitations?
•    Do you have any mental issues or limitations?
•    What are your daily activities?
•    How does your condition affect your life?
•    What is your history of hospitalization?
•    What is your future treatment plan?

It is extremely helpful to think through the answers to these questions before the hearing, as the questioning itself can be nerve-wracking. It is also important to understand that many people become emotional when talking about their injury or condition and that the judge understands this response.

A Texas disability benefits attorney will help you prepare for this hearing, will help you understand how best to honestly answer questions, and will be with you at the hearing to support your points and look out for your rights. Your lawyer will explain your case to the judge, answer any questions asked of him or her, and give a brief closing statement. In addition, your lawyer will make certain that you have all important documents on hand, including medical records, medication lists, and job histories.

Do you need the support of a Dallas disability benefits lawyer at your appeals hearing? Contact Morgan Weisbrod today to discuss your case and determine whether you would benefit from legal assistance.

To learn more about these hearings and other aspects of the SSDI application process, order a free copy of our digital guide, Social Security Disability What You Need to Know.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan Weisbrod , Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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