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“I would just like to take a moment to thank the team at Morgan & Weisbrod for all the professionalism and effort that they put in to win my disability case. My wife and I have been partners in our highly successful residential home building and repair business since 1978.

Around the summer of 2009 I began to notice that my health was failing and being one to rarely EVER go to a doctor I kept on driving nails until it got to the point that I was not even able to climb into my truck to go to work. I had to quit the first job that I was under contract to perform for the first time in my career. I eventually went to the ER and discovered that I had a major herniated disc and multiple large kidney stones. I have been going back and forth between my Urologist and Neurological Surgeon since January 2010. Being unable to drive and barely able to ride in a car, I hired one of those TV disability attorneys that bombard us every day from the comfort of my own bed. BIG MISTAKE! This company was located in California of all places and I ended up having to request most of my medical records myself and fax to them. They sub-contracted a Dallas attorney to represent me before the Administrative Law Judge and I didn’t even have the opportunity to discuss my case with him until he was almost late for the hearing. Well, you can imagine how that went.

I not only lost my initial request for disability, but my ALJ case as well and then when that was finished my attorney said that they don’t handle cases beyond the ALJ stage. In the meantime I had been diagnosed with a host of debilitating health problems with the primary one being a failed back/chronic regional pain syndrome among others. I would never be able to return to my lifelong work and I couldn’t give up on trying to receive the disability that  I was owed and had paid in during my 30 year career amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars to Social Security.

I saw all the loud mouthed attorneys on TV shouting about how much money they had won for their clients and then I saw an ad from a soft spoken, professional attorney by the name of Carl Weisbrod. Don’t let his commercial fool you! Carl is a bulldog when it comes to standing up for your rights and he doesn’t back down from anyone, especially expert witnesses and even Judges.

Carl took my case and not only won a new hearing from the Appeals Council “which rarely ever occurs” he then won my case before the same ALJ in a new hearing. Carl and his team will answer all your questions promptly, courteously and even if it takes submitting 6000 pages of evidence (as in my case) they will do it to get you every dime you have coming.

My only regret is that I didn’t contact Morgan & Weisbrod first. Remember…you pay in social security, it’s not an entitlement and it’s your right. Fight for it!”

Joe E., Ben Wheeler, Texas, May 2014

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