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You can hire any attorney you want to represent you in a Social Security disability case, but before you do there are some things you should know.

Social Security Disability Fees Are Government Regulated

Since the government sets the maximum amount that attorneys can charge, it won’t cost you any more to hire an experienced lawyer than it will to hire a lawyer who has never represented a Social Security disability client.

There Are Specific Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawyer

Since cost should not be an issue, it is important to consider the following before hiring a Social Security disability lawyer:

  • Experience. Our Social Security disability attorneys have more than 70 years of combined legal experience helping disabled people in Texas receive the disability benefits they deserve. We not only know the law, we also know the personalities and preferences of the dozens of different Social Security judges to whom your case may be assigned for a hearing in Texas.
  • Reputation. We have an excellent reputation. Both our legal peers and satisfied former clients frequently refer new clients to our Social Security disability law firm. The Social Security judges in Texas know us and respect our ability and professionalism.
  • Service. You will never be just another case to us. We take a personal interest in you. We keep you informed of developments in your case and meet with you personally before your administrative law hearing.
  • Results. Since 1990 alone, we have obtained more than $80 million in Social Security Disability benefits for our clients. We have helped thousands of disabled Texans obtain the benefits they deserve. To learn what former clients say about our service, please visit our Testimonials page.

If you are disabled and need help receiving Social Security Disability benefits, don’t choose just any lawyer. Talk to an attorney at the law firm that focuses only on Social Security disability (SSDI) claims.

You Deserve to Know How a Lawyer Can Help You

There are benefits to hiring a lawyer. Specifically, when you hire an attorney:

Your lawyer will the legwork, not you. If you hire a lawyer to handle your Social Security disability claim, you can turn over the “work” part of the case to your attorney. Your attorney will handle everything related to the case so you can concentrate on your health. For example, a lawyer will help:

  • Gather evidence from doctors and hospitals.
  • Connect you with a specialist if you need to see one.
  • Make sure all required forms are filled out correctly.
  • File your initial claim correctly and quickly.
  • File any appeals, if necessary.
  • Monitor your case.
  • Notify you of your case’s progress.
  • Supplement your case with updated reports and doctor records.
  • Handle your hearings by preparing for them and arguing at them.

Your lawyer will advise you. Sometimes you have to make critical decisions that could impact the success of your case. A lawyer can evaluate your case and help you make those decisions.

Your lawyer will answer your questions. Most clients have lots of questions. A lawyer can answer those questions in a way that makes sense to the client.

You may be surprised to learn that it does not matter where your lawyer is located. A lawyer in any state can practice in front of any Social Security judge. This is even more true than it used to be because an increasing number of hearings occur by video link. Finding someone to handle your disability case is fairly simple, but finding the best fit for you is a different matter.  Ultimately, you should choose an attorney you trust to handle what may be the most important legal matter you’ll ever have to face.

Our board certified attorneys are individuals who care about our clients. We are not some huge impersonal corporation where the attorney only meets you on the day of your hearing. We treat every case individually, and we will work with you, your doctor, and your loved ones to make sure your case is as strong as possible.  Experience has taught us this is the ONLY way to represent disabled individuals. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation by completing a contact form, chatting with an online operator, or calling us at 800-800-6353.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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