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As with many government processes, submitting a veterans’ disability claim and securing benefits is a lengthy process. The VA is incredibly back-logged with pending veteran’s disability claims. It could take nearly a year for your file to be reviewed. If your claim is denied and an appeal is necessary, you could be facing a timeframe of two years or longer before you receive the benefits you need right now.

Can you afford to wait years to receive the veterans’ disability benefits you deserve? If you are like most people, the answer is no. Fortunately, you have options.

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At Morgan & Weisbrod, LLP, we represent clients appealing denied veterans’ disability claims. Although we cannot guarantee a specific timeline, you can be assured we will begin working on your case immediately after your free initial consultation. Our attorneys are often able to expedite the VA benefits process by gathering evidence and medical records on our own, rather than waiting for VA representatives to do so. We also obtain a copy of of your claim file and verify that the information you need to prove your claim is in the file that the VA reviews when they make their decision.

Contact our Houston or Dallas law office to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with an attorney experienced in helping disabled veterans secure the benefits they need to continue to live a life of dignity.

The Steps of the Veterans’ Disability Claims Process
Once you complete your initial application for benefits, the VA will send you a letter detailing any further information they may need before granting or denying your claim. During this part of the process, you may be asked to complete additional forms, such as medical releases, or you may have to undergo a medical testing by a VA doctor.

When all necessary information has been gathered, your file will be reviewed and a ruling will be issued. If veterans’ disability benefits are granted, you will receive a letter telling you your monthly payment amount and the date your benefits went into effect.

If your veterans’ disability claim is denied, you have the right to file an appeal. You may also petition for an appeal if your effective date is incorrect or your disability rating is too low.

Our representation of your claim continues throughout the appeals portion of the process. You may have a hearing before a Reviewing Officer at the Regional Office or a hearing before the Board of Veteran’s Appeals. In either situation, our attorney will prepare you for the hearing and be at the hearing to represent your case. Sometimes, we can present new information to the VA that makes a hearing unnecessary. We will stand up for your rights and interests in administrative hearings and throughout the Veterans’ benefits process.

Once the VA has denied your initial application or given you a rating, you must act timely to appeal the decision. The lawyers of Morgan & Weisbrod, LLP, are prepared to take action and help you obtain the proper benefits you deserve. Contact us for further information or to schedule a consultation.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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