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There are more individuals applying for SSDI and SSI every year. In Texas, wait times for initial decisions and appeal hearings are averaging 11 months. Whether you’re applying for the first time or appealing an unfavorable decision, doing everything you are able to increase the chances of a successful outcome for your Texas Social Security disability caseis more important than ever.

Surprisingly, one of the most simple things you can do is proving to be the most helpful: checking on the status of your claim as it moves through the system.

Reasons to Check the Status of Your Social Security Disability Claim

There are four major reasons to regularly check the status of your disability claim.

  • To ensure that your application or appeal has been received and is moving through the correct channels. Sometimes paperwork gets lost or misfiled; very rarely, a disability examiner may not notify the claimant of the decision.
  • To verify that all data associated with your case is correct. Typos happen. Make sure they haven’t happened to your claim.
  • To update the disability examiner about your case and information. The examiner may have questions about your current health situation or want to schedule a consultative examination. Also, if you have recently moved or changed your name, it’s crucial to update the examiner as soon as possible. If the examiner is unable to reach you, it could mean an automatic denial. At the very least, you won’t receive a decision notice.
  • To assist however you can in getting your medical records to the disability examiner. Requesting and receiving your medical records generally constitutes the bulk of time spent waiting for a decision. If obtaining records from one of your doctors has been especially difficult, it’s okay to call the doctor personally and remind her to send your records as soon as possible. Doing this may actually help to expedite the decision on your case.

As the applicant, you are required to file an appeal on an undesirable decision within 65 days after that decision was made—not after your received notification of it.

Even in cases where your failure to receive a decision notification was the fault of the Social Security administration, it’s up to you to file your appeal before the deadline.

Of course, a Dallas disability benefits lawyer with years of experience in dealing with disability examiners already knows how important it is to follow the status of a disability claim and will regularly check in with your disability examiner. It’s just one of the services legal representation can provide in dealing with the social security system. To learn more, call Morgan & Weisbrod at 800-800-6353to schedule a free counsultation to discuss your matter today.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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