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Your heart condition may limit what you can do and could result in your early death. You are frightened, not only about your future, but about the present. You need to concentrate on your health and you need to follow your doctors’ orders, but how can you do that when you also need to work?

Social Security Disability May Help If You Have One of These Conditions

Social Security disability may be available if you have one of the conditions specifically listed in Section 4.0 of the Listing of Impairments. For example, you may qualify for Social Security disability if you have been diagnosed with:

  • Man having cardiac consultation with doctorChronic Heart Failure (Section 4.02). You must be receiving medical treatment and have a certain severity of impairment in order to qualify.
  • Ischemic Heart Disease (Section 4.04). You must have symptoms of myocardial ischemia while receiving treatment and meet the specific requirements of this criterion. Special rules apply if no treatment is available for your specific condition.
  • Recurrent Arrhythmias (Section 4.05). Your condition must be unrelated to reversible causes. If you have uncontrolled and documented arrhythmias, despite medical treatment, you may qualify pursuant to this criterion.
  • Symptomatic Congenital Heart Disease (Section 4.06). This may be cyanotic or acyanotic, but it must be documented as required in the criterion and meet the specific standards articulated in the criterion.
  • Heart Transplant (Section 4.09). You may be considered disabled for one year after surgery. After that, your residual impairment must be evaluated.
  • Aneurysm of the Aorta or Major Branches (Section 4.10). The aneurysm can be due to any cause if it is properly documented and not controlled with prescribed medical treatment.
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiency (Section 4.11). If you are eligible under this criterion, you have chronic venous insufficiency in a lower extremity with incompetency or obstruction in the deep venous system and at least one of the other requirements listed in the criterion.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (Section 4.12). Medical imaging will determine whether you meet the criteria to qualify pursuant to this section.

Additionally, you may consider Social Security disability if you have another type of heart condition that makes you unable to work for at least one year or is likely to result in your death.

Everyone Deserves to Know Their Rights

Heart disease is the leading cause of death and a common cause of disability in the United States. Please help raise awareness about how Social Security disability can help those who have been diagnosed with significant heart conditions by sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can get help to those who need it and those who qualify for Social Security disability benefits.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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