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Every case is unique. However, for some Social Security disability applicants, the time that it takes to get Social Security disability benefits may seem exceedingly long. Even if your application is approved on the first try (and most are initially denied) the wait can be several months long.

The Official Wait Time

The Social Security Administration (SSA) will determine the date on which your disability began. You only become eligible for benefits in the sixth full month following that date. The first five months are considered a waiting period and, even if your application was to be approved during that time, you would not be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Of course, in some cases, the waiting time for Social Security disability benefits can be much longer. Your benefits may be delayed, for example, if your initial application for benefits is denied. Two-thirds of Social Security disability applicants have their initial applications denied. You have the right to appeal the denial; however, it could take over a year to finish the process and to get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.

Now Is the Time to Help Speed Things Along

The more you know about how to complete your paperwork and how to successfully apply for benefits, the more likely you are to secure disability benefits sooner.

Additionally, there is a group of 100 different diseases and conditions on the SSA’s Compassionate Allowances list. If you are suffering from one of these illnesses, your application for benefits can be fast-tracked.

Our board-certified disability lawyers are committed to helping our clients get the benefits they deserve as quickly as possible. We will do our best to shorten your wait time so that you can start receiving the benefits you need. For more information about how we may help you, please start a live chat with us now or call us directly to schedule an initial consultation.

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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