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This case involved a young client (Mr. G) in his late 30’s who suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome. CFS is often difficult to prove and judges tend to be quite skeptical about it, especially for someone that young. We obtained a detailed explanation from the client’s treating doctor which explained the origin of the condition and the functional limitations associated with the condition. The judge in this case granted benefits without a hearing! In the decision, the judge cited to the treating doctor’s opinion in granting our client their benefits. Hiring a Board Certified Social Security disability attorney, such as the attorneys at Morgan & Weisbrod LLP, insures you are hiring highly trained, experienced attorneys to work on your claim. Social Security claims are not open and shut cases. Many times it takes an attorney thinking outside the box and exploring all avenues such as working with your doctor to identify exactly what the Judge is looking for, in order for your claim to be successful. Mr. G was awarded 33 months of past due benefits, totaling over $86,000 in back pay for he and his children, as well as approximately $2,600 a month in ongoing benefits.

$86,000 and ongoing benefits of $2,600/month


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