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Mr. S, who worked since the age of 10 to help his parents, moved to the United States decades ago and worked to support his wife while she attended college. He maintained an exemplary work history, even returning to work after his first heart attack. But in his 50s, he suffered a second heart attack. Because of his years of hard labor, Mr. S developed additional multiple medical conditions which further limited his ability to work. After paying his Social Security taxes for over 30 years, the mounting stress of his worsening health, and inability to work—he filed for his Social Security disability benefits.

Mr. S’s case languished in spite of medical evidence demonstrating his severe health problems and two treating specialists describing significant limitations. With the intervention of a Board Certified attorney, Mr. S’s case was moved from one Administrative Law Judge to another in order to expedite his claim. Even though reassigned to a conservative (i.e., low-paying) ALJ, Mr. S received the benefits he deserved (a total of over $100,000 in back pay for him and his family). It took the skill, persistence, and expertise of the Board Certified attorneys at Morgan & Weisbrod LLP to prevail in his claim. You deserve that same persistence and expertise if you are disabled and no longer able to work.

$100,000 = over 46 months of back pay


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