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When we think about the needs of disabled veterans, we often think about food, shelter, and jobs. We think about their medical needs, their mental health needs, and what their families might need. But as art studio co-owner Dana Flynn seems to know, disabled veterans also need a creative outlet, somewhere they can relax and imagine, and perhaps an opportunity to sell the projects they make.

New art studio will sell disabled veteran art

The new art studio in downtown Lubbock, Texas, is called Broadway Station and it will focus on showcasing and selling the art of those who don’t have fine arts degrees at all – but rather disabled veterans and others who struggle with mental illness or physical limitations. With the help of a partnership with the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Flynn will offer classes and special art spaces for those in need. She is also thinking of opening a small coffee shop to bring in extra money to fund the project.

Flynn, who taught art in the public school system for a decade, says that finding the right subject matter and media for disabled soldiers is important in helping them express themselves, and that different projects and materials can work for different people with disabilities. In the past, she has worked with quadriplegics who paint with their mouths.

Texas veterans’ disability attorney

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