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If you have a seizure disorder, it is extremely important that you document the frequency and duration of your seizures.  I recommend keeping a diary or calendar documenting how often you have seizures and how long they are.  You can also go to a free website called: to document your seizures.

There are many different types of seizures. Written statements from witnesses can be useful in describing the type of seizures you are having, how long they last, how often they occur, what symptoms you are having afterwards, if any, and how long it takes you to recuperate form a seizure. Taking your medications as prescribed is a must!  If you have problems remembering to take your anti-seizure medications, you need to ask someone to remind you, or you need to use a pill box, or set up some kind of system so that you take your medications correctly and consistently.  Most Social Security disability denials are the result of claimants not taking their medications as directed, missing doctors’ appointments, infrequent medical treatment, and/or abusing drugs/alcohol.

In many cases, if you have been seizure-free for at least six months, a doctor will release you to drive again. That is one sign that your medications are working and that your seizures are under control.  But this is an issue that you definitely need to discuss with your doctor to avoid possibly harming yourself or others.

In certain cases, I will bring in a witness to describe my client’s seizure.  This person should be someone that knows you well and that is familiar with how often you have seizures.  He/she should meet with me either by telephone or in person prior to the hearing so that I can prepare them for their testimony.  Choosing a Board Certified attorney in Social Security disability law to help you with a seizure disorder or any other type of disability is a smart move!

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by Paul B. Burkhalter
Managing Partner of Morgan & Weisbrod, Board Certified in Social Security Disability Law.


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