If I work with your firm, will an actual Texas disability attorney represent me at the hearings during my disability claim appeal?

Yes. Though this may seem like a simple question with a very obvious answer, it is one of the first questions you should always ask a disability attorney in your initial consultation.

The reason you should ask it is that many other law firms will have a paralegal or non-attorney represent you at your hearing – not a licensed attorney with experience in Social Security law.

Paralegals know a whole lot more about Social Security law than most people, especially when they work for a firm that focuses on the field. While it’s true that paralegals contribute a set of unique skills crucial to the preparation of your case, we strongly feel that an attorney consistently provides superior representation for our clients in Texas disability court.

Additionally, many claimants have described situations where they worked with a law firm that did not tell them an actual attorney would not represent them until they arrived at the Office of Adjudication and Review (ODAR) on the day of their hearing. That the switch isn’t revealed until the last possible second, speaks volumes. If the practice had been revealed upfront, wouldn’t you consider looking elsewhere?

The law firm of Morgan & Weisbrod exclusively practices Social Security and Veterans’ Disability Law. If you’ve been struggling with the Social Security claim process, schedule a free consultation with a dedicated Dallas disability attorney by calling 877-898-1581today. Also, request Social Security: What You Need to Know, our

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