Why does it take so long for me to get a Houston Social Security disability benefits claim appeal hearing?

A disability claim appeal hearing – your opportunity to dispute a denied disability claim in Texas disability court – is the second level of appeal, so once you’ve filed for it you already know that there is a lot of waiting in the disability claims process.


Unfortunately, this doesn’t improve. The average period of time you will wait for an appeal hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) through one of the two Houston Office of Adjudication and Review (ODAR) facilities is nine months.


Keep in mind that, compared to many ODAR facilities throughout the country, nine months is relatively modest; even the facilities in Dallas are averaging nearly a year.


Why the wait? There is no single reason. Some of the factors can include:


  • How many ODAR facilities are in the region.
  • How many cases are pending for appeal.
  • Staffing at the ODAR facilities.
  • Evaluation style of each ALJ.
  • Overall efficiency levels at each ODAR facility.


You can contact the ODAR office where you filed to ask for the current turnaround on appeal hearings, but it is unlikely the answer you get will be accurate.


There’s a lot of waiting in the Social Security disability claim process, even when everything goes smoothly. Don’t get stuck waiting over an unnecessary problem or delay. Speak with a Houston disability lawyer at Morgan & Weisbrod to learn more about how we can help you more successfully navigate Social Security disability. Call 877-898-1581today.


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