I read your Dallas VA disability attorney’s article about CRDP benefits and I think maybe I should be getting them, though I’m not. I retired under Chapter 61 after 17 years in the military due to a back injury. How can I apply for this benefit?

Actually, there is no need to apply because the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) automatically add Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments (CRDP) benefits to the monthly compensation checks of eligible veterans—typically service people who’ve retired under one of the following stipulations:


  • After 20 or more years of service
  • Under Chapter 61
  • Under Temporary Early Retirement Authority
  • After 20 or more years in the National Guard and Reserve


If you aren’t receiving CRDP and believe that you should be, you can contact DFAS directly by calling its toll-free number: 888-332-7411. Veterans are also able to reach out to their branch of the military service:


  • Air Force: The United States Air Force Personnel Center, 800-616-3775.
  • Army: United States Army Human Resources Command, 888-276-9472.
  • Navy and Marine Corps: Navel Council of Personnel Boards, 877-366-2772.


If it’s determined that you weren’t receiving CRDP when you should’ve been, you may receive a retroactive lump-sum check from either DFAS or VA to make up the difference.


If you have any problems in the process, consider enlisting the help of an experienced Dallas veterans’ attorney.


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