Is there any way to speed up my Social Security disability claim?

At first glance, there is no way to speed up your Social Security disability benefits claim – there is a backlog of cases, and you have to wait in line for your case to be heard just like everyone else. However, you should keep two things in mind during your application process that could save you months of waiting:
  1. Check the Compassionate Allowances list. If you are suffering from one of one hundred very serious and conditions listed by the Social Security Administration, you may qualify for an expedited application process.
  2. Fill out your initial application completely and accurately. Two out of three applications for Social Security disability benefits are rejected at first. In many cases, it is simply because the applicant did not provide enough information proving their disability or because the applicant did not fill out the application correctly.

If you need to appeal a denial for Social Security benefits, you may want the assistance of a Texas disability benefits attorney. A lawyer can help you avoid many of the common pitfalls of the appeals process and make certain that you receive a decision as quickly as possible.
Carl M. Weisbrod
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