I’m applying for SSDI and will face intense financial hardships if it takes more than four months to start getting benefits. Can I apply for Presumptive Disability Benefits to fill the gap?

Unfortunately…no. The six-month Presumptive Disability temporary benefits program is only available to SSI applicants who meet low-income criteria established by the SSA.

As you already know, the wait time to hear back on a Texas SSDI claim can take upwards of ten months. So you’re probably wondering if you have any options available to you for the duration of the SSA claims processing period.

There are a few fast-track options available to SSDI applicants, but in order to qualify you must be dealing with an extremely severe diagnosis or a terminal illness to qualify. These programs are:

  • Compassionate Allowances (CAL), a fast track process for patients with conditions on the SSA impairment listing. Qualifying applicants may receive a decision in as little as 10 days.
  • The Terminal Illness program (TERI), a program that expedites decisions on claims where the illness is anticipated to result in the claimant’s death.
  • The Quick Disability Determination process (QDD) is a method using sophisticated software to determine the likelihood of an approval decision. The SSA determines which cases qualify for QDD review based on the severity of the claim. Decisions may come down in 20 days or less.


Remember that you are not alone; there are hundreds of thousands of SSDI and SSI applicants dealing with similar hardships and struggles while waiting to hear back on a Texas disability claim. To help improve your odds of obtaining all the benefits you qualify for without unnecessary delays or other problems, speak with a Dallas disability attorney. Call toll-free 877-898-1581to schedule a free consultation.

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