I’m a Texas veteran who had a bad fall during my final tour and hurt my knee. At the time, I didn’t report it, so it isn’t on my military records. The problem has gotten worse. I need to file a VA disability claim – do I have any chance of being successful?

It’s possible that you will be able to receive a favorable decision from the VA on a disability claim for your knee injury. Unfortunately, because the injury resulted from an unreported incident, it will be more difficult to obtain benefits.


Showing proof that the injury-causing event occurred during your service career will be as important to your claim as medical records thoroughly documenting the diagnosis and extent of the actual injury. What can you do to establish a service-connected injury when the incident that caused it isn’t in your service records?


  • Reach out to other service people who were present at the time of your injury who can support your claim. Any statements you can gather from associates who witnessed the incident will serve your case.
  • Seek the advice of a skilled Dallas VA disability attorney. An unreported incident resulting in a long-term injury or disability constitutes a special circumstance that will make the VA claims process infinitely more difficult to navigate. Knowledgeable legal guidance will not only help get your case on track, but will also significantly improve the likelihood of obtaining the best possible outcome.


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