Can I Receive Veterans’ Disability Benefits if I Work?

A Dallas veterans disability lawyer explains what happens to benefits if you are working. Yes. United States veterans may absolutely work full time and still receive disability benefits for a service-connected injury or health issue. This is true no matter how disabled you are, no matter what your disability rating is, and no matter how much you earn. Unlike other types of disability, VA disability is not based on your income or your ability to work; it is based on your services to your country and the sacrifices to your health that you made doing your duty. Many successful veterans across the country are gainfully employed while also receiving disability benefits from their time in the service. However, there are a few exceptions that could apply to you.

It is important to understand that there are a few certain cases in which the amount of your veterans’ disability payment may be connected to your ability to work. If you are eligible for Individual Unemployability  (IU) – a veterans’ compensation program that allows you to receive a 100 percent disability rating because you are not able to work – your payment is contingent on the fact that you cannot supplement your disability benefits with an income. Veterans who qualify for IU benefits may only receive these benefits if they do not engage in substaintinally gainful employment.

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