Can I Receive VA Disability Benefits For My Type 2 Diabetes?

If you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and believe that your condition was caused by or made worse by your service in the military, you could be eligible for VA disability benefits. Currently, an estimated 270,000 veterans receive disability benefits for their diabetes, most of them Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange.

To file a successful VA disability claim for Type 2 Diabetes, you must connect your illness with your active duty service in the military. If you have medical records that show that you developed this condition during your service or within one year of returning home – or that you suffered from undiagnosed symptoms associated with diabetes during this time – you may have a case. In addition, if you have another service-related injury or illness that you can prove led to your diabetes diagnosis, you could also have a case.

If you served in the Vietnam War and at any time set foot in Vietnam during that service, the Department of Veterans Affairs presumes that you were exposed to Agent Orange, a toxic herbicide that medical professionals have connected to a variety of illnesses, including Type 2 Diabetes. Veterans who have been exposed to Agent Orange and who have diabetes qualify for disability compensation.
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