Can I receive Social Security Disability Benefits if I Am Homeless?

Whether you are currently living in a homeless shelter, living with a friend or relative, or living on the streets, you are absolutely still eligible to collect either Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or Social Security Income (SSI).

Although an estimated 16 percent of United States population is disabled, 40 percent of the homeless population has a physical disability or a mental health issue. The Social Security disability benefits system is in place to help these very people - those who can't work because of a disability and who, therefore, cannot afford needs like shelter, food, and clothing.

Sadly, being homeless often serves as a barrier to successfully apply for disability benefits. Faced with long waiting periods, a trying application process, limited access to medical care, and other stumbling blocks, many homeless or sheltered people do not receive the benefits they so desperately need. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has taken steps to expedite the disability benefits application process for the homeless and make other policy changes that benefit the homeless disabled.

If you are disabled and believe you may be qualified for SSDI benefits or SSI, contact a Texas disability claim attorney today.

Carl M. Weisbrod
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