I’ve been told that at my Bellaire disability claim appeal hearing there will be an expert who might recommend other jobs I could do even with my medical condition. What kind of information must be included with the recommendation?

You’re talking about a vocational expert, or VE. This person is a specially contracted expert witness who possesses a great deal of knowledge about the current job market. The goal of the VE attending your Bellaire SSDI benefits appeal hearing is to determine if you capable of doing any of the following:


  • Perform past work as you did before
  • Perform past work in a different way
  • Adjust to other work


If the VE agrees that you can no longer perform past work but is of the opinion that you could do a different type of work, they must back up that suggestion with a fair amount of hard information. The VE will use the U.S. Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) to supply you with:


  • The job title
  • The reference number associated with the title in DOT
  • The number of positions available nearby


An experienced Bellaire Social Security lawyer may be able to persuade the VE to dismiss any suggested work in the cross-examination process by asking questions about issues that weren’t raised during initial testimony. This could significantly help your odds of getting your claim approved at this level of appeal.


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