Can I travel to any country and continue receiving my Social Security disability benefits?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is “no.” United States Treasury regulations impose restrictions on where the Social Security Administration can send disability payments. Depending on whether or not you are citizen of the U.S., you may be eligible to receive the missed payments when you return from your trip.


Countries Where the Social Security Administration Cannot Send Payment

Due to the restrictions imposed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, you will not receive your Social Security disability payments while you are travelling to the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • North Korea

If you are a United States citizen, however, you may receive all of the payments that were withheld when you enter a country where the payments are permissible. If you are not a United States citizen, you will not be eligible to receive the missed payments for the months during which you resided in Cuba or North Korea. This is true even after you go to a country where Social Security disability benefits can be sent.

Additional countries where Social Security disability payments generally cannot be sent include:

The Social Security Administration will not send payments to others on your behalf while you are living in any of these countries. There are some exceptions, however, when disability recipients agree to certain conditions of payment. For example, the recipient must appear in person at the U.S. Embassy each month to pick up the payment.

The rules surrounding Social Security disability benefits are complex and must be carefully followed in order to ensure that you continue receiving your payments. To learn more about how the attorneys at Morgan & Weisbrod have helped many clients obtain their disability benefits, view our client testimonials.

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