Rise in VA Claims for Disability Benefits

By Paul Burkhalter, Esq.
According to a recent article published in the Houston Chronicle, the backlog in the number of Veterans' disability claims in the Houston VA Regional Office has more than doubled since this time three years ago.  The number of claims pending in the Waco VA Regional Office is even worse; there are over 51,000 veterans waiting an average of 352 days for any action to be taken by the Waco VA Regional Office.
Although waiting a year for action to be taken on your case may be devastating, it is even more problematic if your case is denied and you have to enter into the mire of appealing that denial.  It can take 4 to 5 years for the wheels of the appeals process to turn and there are times when the delay is simply due to lost paperwork.  Having an experienced attorney, like Paul Burkhalter and his staff, help you with your VA disability claim will avoid this problem.  We know the VA’s system, procedures, deadlines and policies, and will monitor your appeal to insure it is processed correctly and timely. 

Going it alone when filing for your Veterans' benefits is no longer an option or a necessity.  You’ve already gone through enough on your own – rely on the expertise and professionalism of Morgan & Weisbrod to help you receive the benefits you deserve.
Paul B. Burkhalter
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Paul Burkhalter, Board Certified in Social Security disability; VA Representative
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