Need help finding medical care?

If you are unemployed and do not have insurance through a spouse or some other means and you cannot pay for medical care, it may seem nearly impossible to get medical treatment outside of an emergency room.

Every county in Texas has some form of indigent care (medical care for people without insurance).  One of the biggest hurdles is trying to find out where that care is in your town or your county.  There is a website that can make it easier to locate doctors and clinics that provide indigent care in your area.  Check out Free Medical Search, a website that has compiled a list of free clinics.  Once there, look on the right-hand side of the page and you will be able to enter the location where you are trying to locate medical treatment.  You may have to register to avoid the pop-up ads but registering is a free, easy process.  When you enter your city, zip code, or county, it will provide a list of all of the clinics and/or doctors in your area.

Keep in mind that the care may not be in your town but it is typically not more than 20 miles away.  It is very important to any disability case to get regular treatment in order to have medical evidence which shows how severe your condition is.  You must make every effort to find some way to get to these free or low cost clinics in order to be treated.  Contact the Board Certified Attorneys at Morgan & Weisbrod for further suggestions on locating free or low cost clinics in your area.  If you are a current client, please contact us for a username and password to sign into our client's only area to access a listing of free or reduced cost clinics in your county!

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