Medical treatment not only strengthens your claim, it can save your life!

I recently represented a man living in rural East Texas.  To help you get a better mental picture, he told me that several people thought he looked a lot like Si Robertson of A&E television network’s Duck Dynasty fame.  This was an older individual who worked for many years in physically demanding jobs, such as tree trimming and landscaping.  He finally had to stop working after his pain and fatigue became too much to bear.  But he thought he could not afford to see a doctor.

After Morgan & Weisbrod began representing him, paralegal Cynthia got to work looking for medical treatment options in rural East Texas.  She eventually found a county clinic that didn’t charge much money for indigent patients.

One of the first tests the clinic performed on our Si look-a-like was a blood test for cancer, which came back positive and he was able to get it treated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. 

He eventually won his disability case, but largely through the efforts of paralegal Cynthia getting him into treatment. Getting treatment strengthens cases for disability.  It could also save your life!

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