Many veterans who served in the first Gulf War are developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CFS falls into the category of medically unexplained illnesses—health conditions that present a number of chronic symptoms that are difficult to diagnose and have no known cause.


If you are a Gulf War veteran and you think you might have CFS, talk to a VA doctor about diagnosis and talk to a Houston VA attorney about what kind of benefits you may qualify for.


Diagnosis of CFS is complicated by the following:

  • Symptoms are different for everyone.
  • Other conditions have similar symptoms.
  • The condition has a tendency to improve and worsen unpredictably.
  • There are no medical tests that definitively identify CFS.
  • Signs of CFS may not be apparent to the examining physician.


If you’ve demonstrated six or more consecutive months of intense CFS-type symptoms, your physician will usually start the diagnostic process by ruling out health conditions with similar symptoms. You’ll need:

  • A detailed medical history, including a comprehensive list of medications that may be responsible for symptoms.
  • Comprehensive physical and mental examinations.
  • Lab screening tests to identify or rule out other causes for symptoms.
  • Physician’s follow up tests.


Because diagnosis of CFS is difficult and the cause is unknown, diagnosed veterans of the first Gulf War don’t need to make a service connection to the illness to be eligible for benefits, as long as the CFS:

  • Is at least 10% disabling
  • Emerges by December 31, 2016


To learn more about VA benefits for CFS and other medically unexplained illnesses, call a Houston VA benefits lawyer at Morgan & Weisbrod toll free: 800.800.6353. Don’t wait.

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