Individual Unemployability, or IU, is part of the VA disability benefits program that allows qualifying veterans to receive the same level of compensation as a veteran with a 100% disability rating, despite not having service-connected disabilities rated at 100%.


IU is awarded to veterans who can't maintain substantially gainful employment because of service-connected injuries. Typically, the veteran must meet one of the two following percentage criteria:

  • One service-connected disability rated at 60% or higher.
  • More than one service-connected disability, where at least one is rated no lower than 40%, combining for a rating of 70% or higher.


It might be difficult to imagine an IU case based on just the numbers, so we've written up a pair of examples where this kind of compensation might be awarded.

Example #1: Victor

Victor sustained a traumatic brain injury from an IED explosion while deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. He received a service-connected disability rating of 60%. When he first returned home, he found a job in his field, but it soon became apparent that his injuries made it impossible to safely perform his duties. His doctor recommended that he retire.


Example #2: Maureen

Maureen is a veteran who received thermal injuries from a vehicle accident. After returning home, she was also diagnosed with service-connected PTSD. The ratings for her injuries are 40% and 50%, respectively, combining for a rating of 70%. Maureen's only income over the last couple years has come from a local friend who pays her to water the plants in her house a few times a month.


Both Victor and Maureen applied for increased disability compensation. After review by the Ratings Team, they were both granted compensation equivalent to a veteran with total disability.


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