Compassionate Allowances Program: Three Common Questions

Last month the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that it was yet again expanding the list of health conditions in its Compassionate Allowances Program. But how does this program work, and how do you apply if your disease is on the list? Below, we’ve answered three frequently asked questions about the program, which fast-tracks applications that include specific, serious illnesses.

How do I apply to the compassionate allowances program?

There is no special application process–just apply in the same way that you would if you had any sort of disability or illness. When the claims processor reviews your file and if you qualify, it will be fast-tracked through the Compassionate Allowances program.

How long will my application process take?

If your application is complete and if it clearly proves that you suffer from a health condition on the compassionate allowances list, your benefits could be approved in as little as ten days. If you application lacks medical evidence or is missing other information, the SSA will contact you.

Do I receive a bigger payment if my disease on the compassionate allowances list?

No. Although those with diseases on the compassionate allowances list are often suffering from very serious disabilities and cannot work, they do not receive a larger amount of money. The Compassionate Allowances program is only in place to fast track these applications, not to impart any other sort of special treatment.

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